{Unedited} Tess Antonio Birthday: Who Is Tess Antonio Husband? Also Explore Details On Her Age, Child, And Son

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The post will help you in gaining several amazing facts about Tess Antonio. Know Tess Antonio Birthday and other details.

Do you Tess Antonio’s birthday? Might you want to realize bits of knowledge concerning her secret life? Tess Antonio is a particularly known character. She is a superb performer and has a fair fanbase. Her fans around the Philippines are by and large curious to grab a consistently expanding number of experiences with respect to Tess. The article will oblige a couple of experiences concerning the most beautiful performer Tess Antonio.

We ought to learn experiences concerning Tess Antonio Birthday.

When was Tess Antonio Considered?

Tess Antonio is a popular performer from the Philippines. Her fans are intrigued to understand first experience with the world date and various nuances. Tess Antonio took birth on 11 November 1978. She is at present 44 years old. Tess took birth in Quezon City. She is prominent for her positions in a couple of motion pictures. Tess Antonio is maybe of the most exquisite performer.

She has been featured in a couple of motion pictures and won a solid fanbase. Tess’ fans are anxious to learn more experiences concerning her own life and keep on searching for it on a couple of stages. Tess Antonio’s never revealed numerous experiences concerning her own life.

Who is Tess Antonio Companion?

Tess Antonio is an outstandingly seen performer in the Philippines. She has been a piece of different motion pictures which got her conclusive name and fame. Tess Antonio’s soul mate’s name is dark. Tess never revealed bits of knowledge with respect to her own life. She used to be incredibly powerful through virtual amusement anyway never uncovered her intimate life. There is no information expecting Tess is hitched or single.

Tess Antonio’s life partner’s nuances were seldom uncovered by her. She zeroed in on no relationship or endeavors. For a surprisingly long time, Tess has not moved any photographs on her Instagram account. She has procured a truly engaging fanbase by means of virtual diversion as well.

Tess Antonio Youngster

Tess Antonio is prominent for films, for instance, Kokey which was conveyed in 2007. A piece of her popular films are Planned To Beh, Working Beks, Lorenzo’s Time, etc. As indicated by the web based sources, Tess has no children. She has not revealed anything about her married life. So information about her children is dark.

Disclaimer: The post is about Tess Antonio. As a result of the openness of limited information about her family and individual life on web based sources, we have posted confined data about her. The data is assembled from online destinations and virtual diversion.

Tess’ people are Reynaldo Antonio, her father, and Mrs. Antonio, her mother. The total name of her mother isn’t revealed as of now. As indicated by online sources, Tess is correct now taking up endeavors to connect with her fans. No further nuances are revealed about Tess Antonio Youngster and her master life.


There is no report on Tess Antonio’s life. We have posted the information available on the web. Visit this associate with learn nuances on Tess Antonio

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is Tess Antonio?

Ans. Tess Antonio is a prominent performer from the Philippines who has been seen in a couple of well known motion pictures and tell shows.

  1. When was Tess Antonio Imagined?

Ans. Tess Antonio took birth on 11 November 1978.

  1. Who is the mate of Tess Antonio?

Ans. Tess Antonio’s better half’s nuances are not available. Tess has never uncovered experiences concerning her own life so the information is distant.

  1. Do Tess Antonio have children?

Ans. Tess has not uncovered experiences concerning her adolescents. Bits of knowledge concerning Tess’ adolescents are furthermore out of reach on web based stages.

  1. What is Tess Antonio Age?

Ans. Tess Antonio is 44 years old.

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