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The article signifies the importance of following the essential guidelines while submitting Real Estate Write for Us Guest Post article for

Are you an experienced and licenced realtor with great aspirations for writing online articles? Have you equipped yourself with the latest trends in the performance of real estate properties, and can you give us some truthful information through our Real Estate Write for Us Guest Post articles? Then you are the perfect realtor to participate in the Tiamatcreations guest blogging opportunity. But every option can be strengthened with specific guidelines and protocols. And here in this article, we have clearly explained everything.

About our website “”

Within a few years, our platform has established itself as one of the most trusted and authentic content creation Real Estate + Write for Us platforms. Since the beginning of this website, we have had a set of website missions, which we have been following more closely. And our mission is to provide legit and authentic information for our readers, irrespective of the topic’s popularity.

And our authentic content falls under the categories of,

  • Website Reviews
  • Product Reviews
  • Latest News
  • Travel
  • Money
  • Shopping Tips
  • Health
  • Real Estate

Real Estate Write for Us writers Essential Educational Qualifications and Experience

The term “Real estate” refers to the land area and the improvements made over that area. Today, real estate is a significant economic activity in many countries, and the rise and fall of its performance impact the overall economy. As a result, it is necessary to discuss these critical issues.

To address this “Write for Us” + Real Estate topic, we request a licenced real estate agent to present the reality of the topics or that someone with more experience in selling properties can make attempts to take advantage of this guest blogging opportunity.

  • We expect the person to have more experience in the field of real estate. 
  • All experienced people should have excellent English writing skills.

Write for Us Real Estate Reference Topics

Real estate is an inclusive term, and it keeps being updated every day; thus, we have decided to assist the writers in selecting the latest and trendiest real estate topics. Of course, if the writer has any other valuable topics, they are free to like them; however, they should choose the one that will provide more solutions to the real estate problems.

“Write for Us” + “Real Estate” Writers can select topics such as

  • What loan options are available for buying real estate property, and how do we redeem our tax options on getting those loans?
  • What are the most vital points to be considered while purchasing a real estate property?
  • How can we easily find the real estate scams?
  • What will be the real estate properties’ economic performance for the year 2023?

Write for Us + Real Estate articles Guidelines

  • The realtors can explain the entire process of purchasing the property, but kindly don’t sell your land via our guest blogging article because it is different from the motto of the topic. Thus, writers should refrain from advertising or promoting their lands to make our readers buy their respective properties.
  • The word limit of the article is 750 to 2000; stay within this given value.
  • Write for Us + Real Estate writers should not indulge in plagiarism or piracy activities; it will attract severe rejection from our side. As a result, submit only 100% original content.
  • We recommend the writers to use the Grammarly application to double-check their grammatical and spelling errors. The Grammarly score of the article should be above 98 percent.
  • The readability score of the article should be higher than 80%.

“Write for Us” + Real Estate articles SEO Guidelines

  • Writers can use illustrations and map drawings in their articles; it will be helpful for everyone to understand the topic more quickly, and it will help us create unique content; usually, unique content will attract a higher SEO score.
  • After 70 to 80% completion of the article, writers must insert valid internal and external hyperlinks.

Real Estate + “Write for Us” writers Benefits

  • As our website has more monthly visitors, all our articles will eventually get more web impressions. And that results in a higher popularity level for the article.
  • We have used the most recent SEO tactics in our content to help our articles stand out from the crowd.

How to submit the Real Estate “Write for Us” article?

Writers should send their soft copies to this Email Address [[email protected]]. In addition, writers can also send their contact details for easy communication.


We hope all the guidelines and rules will be easier to adopt and implement in their guest post articles. We guarantee that the Real Estate Write for Us Guest Post writers will learn new things while working on our platform and gain unique field experience. Thus, kindly take a wiser decision, and we await your valuable response via Real estate articles.

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