Is Snoepdag Scam or Legit {Dec 2022} Honest Reviews!


Is Snoepdag Scam or Legit write-up has investigated an online store selling apparel and footwear products and presented its report in the public domain.

Could it be said that you are searching for genuine subtleties of the Snoepdag com site? Do you buy design and footwear items generally from web based business stages? Online retail shops selling design garments and footwear items certainly stand out in nations like the Netherlands. Shopping from the transport of home, alluring costs, and opportunity of decision are a portion of the fundamental highlights of web retail that carry the client to an internet business site. Is Snoepdag Trick or Genuine survey an endeavor to give essential information of the retail site to clients as an educational apparatus.

Is Snoepdag com a Real Site?

  • The space of the Snoepdag retail location was enlisted on eighth June 2022.
  • Online interface Alexa has given 8475467 positions to this store.
  • The Snoepdag area will terminate on eighth June 2023.
  • The trust score of this clothing and footwear-selling store is 5%.
  • The text and picture content of the site gives off an impression of being copied.
  • The virtual entertainment presence for the Snoepdag site is absent.
  • The design store’s extremely durable location isn’t referenced on the site’s get in touch with us page.
  • The Snoepdag Audit group found the trust record of the site to be 0.0%.
  • Client criticism for items sold on this site is absent in the advanced space.

About Snoepdag com Entry:

Snoepdag’s Site sells style garments and footwear items for male and female clients. The organization is selling its item as candy things and offering limits of up to 40% on chose things. As of now, the majority of its product comprises of winter things in people’s classes. Clients can pick their number one tone and size for each item accessible on the site. The site conveys items to clients in the Netherlands. Is Snoepdag Trick or Genuine rundown for a thing accessible on Snoepdag are referenced beneath.

  • Men’s sweater
  • Men’s shoes
  • Men’s pullover
  • Ladies’ shoes
  • Ladies coat
  • Ladies’ pants

Site Determinations:

  • Area name –
  • Site address –
  • Email – [email protected]
  • Contact Address – Not accessible
  • Contact number – +31 06 8790 7541
  • Conveyance strategy – 5-10 days for shipment to arrive at clients.
  • Return time – 15 days from getting the shipment.
  • SSL authentication – Accessible
  • Installment choices – PayPal installment door
  • Bulletin – Accessible

Aces of Snoepdag Com Store:

  • The delivery and merchandise exchange of the store is agreeable to clients.
  • The email and contact number of the shop are accessible on the site.
  • Is Snoepdag Trick or Genuine feel that items accessible on this stage are vigorously limited.
  • SSL testament is accessible for the internet based wellbeing of the clients.

Cons of Snoepdag shop:

  • The trust rating of the site is excessively low for a real stage.
  • Client audits for the store are absent in computerized space.
  • Alexa positioning of the store is low, showing little traffic on the stage.
  • Very few installment choices are accessible for customers.
  • The proprietor’s detail is absent on the site’s get in touch with us page
  • The contact address of the store is absent from the site.
  • There is no online entertainment account accessible for this internet business stage.

Snoepdag Review:

The site is a half year old and has a poor Alexa positioning. The absence of traffic on the stage is reflected without client audits of Snoepdag com. The client criticism for the shop is absent on the public audit site, and an inward survey for the shop isn’t accessible. The absence of client criticism raises doubt about this store. Customers can find out about PayPal-related tricks by clicking here.

Final verdict:

The absence of client surveys, low trust rating, and less area age raises uncertainty about Snoepdag’s validity We encourage customers to avoid this site, and read the defending tips against Mastercard tricks. Have you bought an item from the Snoepdag store? If it’s not too much trouble, remark

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the area age of the Snoepdag site?

        The Snoepdag space is a half year old.

Q.2 When was made?

        The site was made on eighth June 2022.

Q.3 What items are sold in the Snoepdag store?

        Design dress and footwear items for people are sold on the Snoepdag stage.

Q.4 What is the Alexa positioning of the Entryway?

        Online interface Alexa has given 8475467 positions to this webpage.

Q.5 Are client surveys accessible for the Snoepdag style store?

         No, client criticism for this web-based store is absent in the computerized space.

Q.6 Is Snoepdag Trick or Genuine online business stage?

        The low trust rating score, absence of client input, and less age of the site make this store dubious for customers.

Q.7 What is the transportation strategy of the Snoepdag store?

        The shipment will arrive at the client in 5-10 days, and the client will get free delivery for orders over 40 Euros.

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