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Arda Güler is a football player from Turkestan. Güler had played for Turkey public social occasion, Fenerbahçe, and Süper Lig. Güler was brought into the world on 25th/February/2005. He is 18-years, 90 days, and 22-days old. He arranged number one among all players brought into the world in 2005, number two among all Fenerbahçe players, six among all Süper Lig players, eight among generally Turkish players, and 55 among For the most part seeking after midfield players.

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About Güler Arda:

Güler is a left-footed following midfielder and risky player. He is moreover prominent as Turkish Messi. He has strong regions for a, which increments shooting possibilities. He contributes by making a convincing pass to the last third.

Güler Arda Com can correspondingly play on traditional to cut inside considering major areas of strength for him. He has set-piece limits by virtue of his inventive capacities to play. Irfan Kahveci, a Fenerbahçe forward player, is his certifiable model. He followed Irfan’s moves toward make a spot in Fenerbahçe. He is exceptional cautious supplier and additionally used as basic player in focus midfield. He is viewed as a consistent following midfielder.

Güler on Twitter:

Güler doesn’t have a power site yet. Notwithstanding, he is open on Twitter and Instagram with in excess of 23,47,500 partners. He joined the Twitter stage in 2020 and has over 447.5K partners. His record is made with the @10ardaguler client name on Twitter and Instagram.

His Twitter posts are spilling over with pictures and records of football, time took pleasure in with players and fans, basic explanations, and pictures and records of loved ones. His new video post on 21st/Walk/2023 was about a planning match, and his most recent picture post on 25th/Walk/2023 highlighted him in an orange games dress on the field.

Güler on Reddit:

  • For the 2018-19 season, Güler sought after Fenerbahce Youth on twentieth/February/2019 and left Genclerbirligi Ankara Youth.
  • For the 2019-20 season, Güler sought after Fenerbahce U16 on sixth/January/2020 and left Fenerbahce Youth.
  • For the 2020-21 season, Güler sought after Fenerbahce U19 on thirteenth/January/2021 and left Fenerbahce U16.
  • For the 2021-22 season, Güler sought after Fenerbahce on thirteenth/July/2021 and left Fenerbahce U19.

On Reddit, there are speculations that Benfica needs to sign him up with a transport game plan of 17.5M€. Consequently, as of fourteenth/June/2023, the contributing parts endorsed that he could get Move to SL Benfica. The news highlighted after a social event in Istanbul during the multi day stretch of the principal reasoning with Fenerbahce in quite a while Connection last.

During the last month, a moving post circumnavigated regularly on Reddit about Güler getting a 50€ Million recommendation from Napoli as the most lively skilled player.

Güler is more novel on Instagram, which integrated a post from thirteenth/June/2023 appearance Güler holding an honor. The post got 811,128 tendencies. He joined Instagram in 2019. The Güler’s all’s posts on Instagram are related with sports, football planning, and pictures with accomplices and sports prepared experts. Might we at any point actually take a look at his virtual redirection connects with know Who Arda Güler?

Virtual redirection joins:


Güler had a market worth of around 4.8€ Million out of 2019, which dependably made to a calling high of 16.8€ Million out of 2022 and is refered to between 8.3€ Million to 15€ Million during June/2023. Güler’s general spot of 603 completely adds to his acceptably surveyed worth. By and large on seventh/June/2023, there were big-mouthed treats about a 48% likelihood of move to Newcastle United.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Q. What is Güler’s Alliance level?

First Level.

2Q. When will his Fenerbahce contract pass?

On 30th/June/2025.

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